A constantly evolving agency needs a constantly evolving brand. This redesign for the advertising / design / PR / loyalty and digital agency Olson allows for visual diversity and flexibility within each of the service offerings. The system is modular with many unique letters to spell OLSON in a set grid. Each letter has 50 variations to allow all branded pieces for the agency to be unique. A bright color palette gives a sense of positivity and optimism in a constantly changing agency.

Role: Design, Art Direction, Strategy, Illustration, Animation, Digital

Brand book covers are divided by service title.
Internal posters for cultural events feature the change in branding.
Custom notebooks show consistency within the brand.
Having a large variety of letters to choose from, business cards become unique for all employees.
A small sample of O’s to use in any application.
Office wayfinding uses reduced color combinations to create distinction in the multi-level building.
Wall graphics are designed to reflect the colors on each floor.